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"Exacting focus on the humanity in human resources." -Veronica Brillon


My Name is Veronica Brillon I am a focused, fun, real, Human Resources (HR) Consultant/Recruiter. I have worked in a wide variety of industries including, finance, information technology, hospitality, retail, medical and manufacturing.

I love to make a difference with the businesses I work with.  When I see an owner happy that they don’t have to deal with employee issues and they can work on business, I know I make a difference. When I answer those questions that owner’s employees can’t get the answer to I know I have made a difference.  I have to know the things you don’t have time to know about. Knowing employment law, benefits, employee relations and having the ability to train employees is why I make a difference. 

I have been a guest speaker at HSBC, Gateway College, EWN and Mercy College. I know that Human Resource is an important part of every organization.

I have a "humanized" approach to Human Resources Management, and Recruiting.

Right from the start, you will notice that I am different from other HR Consultants/Recruiters. By working closely with you, I can help you obtain your company and professional goals. 

I founded my consulting business on the philosophy that HR/ recruitment and management techniques, applied professionally, are a key success drivers in a company’s core profits, and are integral to the overall wellness and effectiveness of its a companies continued success. 

I am here waiting to connect with you and create a profitable positive work environment.




HR Consulting Book

Veronica Brillon CEO of Brillon Associates is an author, speaker, Professional Human Resources Consultant, and social media marketing wiz. Veronica has a passion for recruiting, training, and HRIS systems. Veronica is a leader in the HR community with 17 years of experience in human resources. Veronica’s book, “We are Human Too” “Human Resources Fun Not Frightening” was published 2010 and is now being promoted by Amazon.


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