Veronica Brillon HR Consultant

A New Way to Practice Human Resources

"Exacting focus on the humanity in human resources." -Veronica Brillon


My Name is Veronica Brillon I am a focused, fun, real, Human Resources (HR) Consultant/Recruiter. I have worked in a wide variety of industries including, finance, information technology, hospitality, retail, medical and manufacturing.

I love to make a difference with the businesses I work with.  When I see an owner happy that they don’t have to deal with employee issues and they can work on business, I know I make a difference. When I answer those questions that owner’s employees can’t get the answer to I know I have made a difference.  I have to know the things you don’t have time to know about. Knowing employment law, benefits, employee relations and having the ability to train employees is why I make a difference. 

I have been a guest speaker at HSBC, Gateway College, EWN and Mercy College. I know that Human Resource is an important part of every organization.

I have a "humanized" approach to Human Resources Management, and Recruiting.

Right from the start, you will notice that I am different from other HR Consultants/Recruiters. By working closely with you, I can help you obtain your company and professional goals. 

I founded my consulting business on the philosophy that HR/ recruitment and management techniques, applied professionally, are a key success drivers in a company’s core profits, and are integral to the overall wellness and effectiveness of its a companies continued success. 

I am here waiting to connect with you and create a profitable positive work environment.




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