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Removing Lies from LinkedIn and Your Resume without Getting Canned

Posted on June 11, 2012 at 5:50 PM

So you have distributed a little white lie on your resume.  Perhaps a small one, perhaps a large one.


If you lied to get a job, you must get that lie off of your resume during some point.  That little lie is increasingly returning to haunt individuals at every career level. Here is how you can remove that lie from your resume:

1)  Vow to tell the entire truth and nothing but.


2)  The following time you pass out a resume, tell the entire truth and nothing but. Guess what?  You’ll get credit for the job you received with the resume lie within your brand new version of the actual truth.


It is really that easy.  You have lied on your resume.  Stop the madness with the following resume you pass out.  Be brave.


Thoughts on handling the LinkedIn issue:


1)  If you lose a job, automatically change everything, and this includes LinkedIn. It is a natural breaking point as well as the risk is low during that point.


2)  If you are still employed, chances are the lie is not concerning broad responsibilities or job title - as all companies can see those.  It is possibly a supplemental detail, such as a degree.


3)  One method of handling the LinkedIn issue: Activity Broadcasts.  Login then go to your name in the upper right corner, and click on ‘settings.’ Check ‘Activity Broadcasts,’ and uncheck that box which alerts individuals as you make alterations to your profile.  It ups the opportunity of making the change without individuals being aware that you are modifying the information in question.


4)  If you do not believe number 3 offers enough cover, try neutralizing what your profile reads.  Rather than changing what the degree is in, perform number three and merely alter the degree to ‘B.A.’, without mentioning a certain degree.


It is time that you grow up and remove those lies - even those little ones - from your LinkedIn profile and resume.

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