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Make Your Bad Boss Good

Posted on May 23, 2012 at 1:25 PM

Whether your boss is good or bad, you are responsible for creating an efficient work relationship with that individual you refer to as boss. Firstly, think about treating her or him as if she or he is your most critical client. Take some responsibility for nurturing the positive elements of the relationship instead of dwelling onevery one of the negatives. You’ll discover that if you modify your view of your boss as well as your attitude towards your boss, the relationship is goingto improve. Here are thoughts about managing up for a positive relationship with your boss:


1) Tell him or her when you have made a mistake or one of your reporting team has performed an error. Cover-ups do not contribute to an efficient relationship. Efforts to mislead or lies always cause added stress for you as you grow concerned with getting ‘caught’ or slipping up in the consistency of the story. Try to communicate on a daily or weekly basis to build up the relationship.


2) Get to know the manager as a person - he is one, after all. He shares the human experience, as you do, with every bit of its sorrows and joys. Realize that success at work isn’t about you; place your boss's needs first. Identify his or her areas of weakness or biggest challenges and ask what you could do to be of assistance.


3) Search for and concentrate on the ‘ideal’ aspects of your boss; pretty much all bosses have both bad and good points. When you are negative concerning your boss, the tendency will be to concentrate on his failings or worst traits. It’s neither positive for your work satisfaction nor your prospects for success within your company. Rather, compliment him or her on something she or he does well.Offer positive recognition for those contributions to your success. Make him orher feel valued. Isn't this what you’d desire from your boss for you?

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